Codycross Circus Group 93 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: Add Decoration Make Ornate
Solution: Embellish

Question: Antibiotics Are Used To Treat An
Solution: Infection

Question: Beautiful Insect Known For Its Colorful Wings
Solution: Butterfly

Question: Bright Green Copper Mineral
Solution: Malachite

Question: D Shaped Spring Clip Used In Mountaineering
Solution: Karabiner

Question: Double Saucepan
Solution: Bain marie

Question: Fanciful Amazing Non Sensical Unreal
Solution: Fantastic

Question: Food Or Drink Served Before A Meal
Solution: Appetizer

Question: Study Is All About Tissues Of Organisms
Solution: Histology

Question: The 2009 Sports Drama Starring Sandra Bullock
Solution: Blind side

Question: The Real Name Of The Fashion Designer Coco Chanel
Solution: Gabrielle

Question: Tissue That Is Present In Joints Rib Cage Ears
Solution: Cartilage

Question: Without Offspring
Solution: Childless

Question: Wookiee With Famous Growl Han Partner In Star Wars
Solution: Chewbacca

Question: Time Video Game Has Finn Jake
Solution: Adventure

Question: Of Breath Gasping Or Struggling For Air
Solution: Shortness

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