Codycross Circus Group 93 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Man Without A Face Must Not Open A Shop
Solution: Smiling

Question: Barium Is An With An Atomic Number Of 56
Solution: Element

Question: Cartoon About A Group Of Toddlers And Their Lives
Solution: Rugrats

Question: Harry Notable Illusionist And Escapologist
Solution: Houdini

Question: Hitchcocks Movie With Laurence Olivier
Solution: Rebecca

Question: Johann II Also Known As The Waltz King
Solution: Strauss

Question: Johann Son Of Waltz King Richard
Solution: Strauss

Question: Led The Band No Doubt Before Solo Career
Solution: Stefani

Question: Machine For Extracting Water From Clothes
Solution: Wringer

Question: On Futurama He Is Leelas Alien Pet
Solution: Nibbler

Question: Popular Name For Model T Cars
Solution: Flivver

Question: Southernmost Of The Virgin Islands
Solution: St croix

Question: These French Dogs Are Actually From Germany
Solution: Poodles

Question: To Print Things Up
Solution: Publish

Question: Unsteady Movements Wavering
Solution: Stagger

Question: West Indian Musical Style Usually Improvised
Solution: Calypso

Question: When Two People Are To Be Married
Solution: Engaged

Question: Blackhawks Play Hockey At The United Center
Solution: Chicago

Question: Energy Wild Drink With A Tear Mark On Its Can
Solution: Monster

Question: Wipes Moistened Tissues For Cleaning
Solution: Surface

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