Codycross Circus Group 93 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Drop In The Too Small An Amount
Solution: Bucket

Question: Annual May Event In France Film Festival
Solution: Cannes

Question: Assignees Representatives
Solution: Agents

Question: Come Into Being Change Grow To Be
Solution: Become

Question: Comes From Arabic Al Zahr Which Means Dice
Solution: Hazard

Question: Customs Charge On An Import Or Export
Solution: Tariff

Question: Dr Remy Hadley On House Wilde
Solution: Olivia

Question: Etiology Is The Study Of Of Diseases
Solution: Causes

Question: It Is Composed By Four Countries The Kingdom
Solution: United

Question: Lara Croft Is The Main Character In Tomb
Solution: Raider

Question: Large Caged Living Area For Birds
Solution: Aviary

Question: Limb Of A Tree Large Or Small
Solution: Branch

Question: Magic Kingdoms Principal Roadway Main
Solution: Street

Question: Marie Monthly Health And Beauty Magazine
Solution: Claire

Question: Moved Smoothly With No Effort
Solution: Glided

Question: Starting Poker Hand Of Two Like Cards Pair
Solution: Pocket

Question: Sweet Baked Dough Eaten For Dessert Or Breakfast
Solution: Pastry

Question: Temple Complex Of Amun Ra At Luxor
Solution: Karnak

Question: Walking Upwards Usually Outdoors
Solution: Hiking

Question: Brothers Country Influenced Rock And Roll Duo
Solution: Everly

Question: Of The King Movie That Won 11 Oscars
Solution: Return

Question: Rothschild French Wine Estate
Solution: Mouton

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