Codycross Circus Group 92 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Small Towel For Washing Facial Features
Solution: Face cloth

Question: Bavarian Village Location Of Neuschwanstein Castle
Solution: Schwangau

Question: Comprised Of Fat Obesity
Solution: Adiposity

Question: Fictional Kingdom In Central Europe
Solution: Ruritania

Question: Fonzie Sitcom
Solution: Happy days

Question: Galaxy With High Rate Star Formation
Solution: Starburst

Question: Immediately To The South Of The North Polar Region
Solution: Subarctic

Question: Instruments Name That Means Good Sound In Greek
Solution: Euphonium

Question: John Lennons Beatles Songwriting Partner Paul
Solution: Mccartney

Question: Language Created By L L Zamenhof
Solution: Esperanto

Question: Messier Less Well Presented Than
Solution: Scruffier

Question: Middle Row Letters On A Keyboard
Solution: Asdfghjkl

Question: Musical Movie With Travolta
Solution: Hairspray

Question: Popular Online Language Tool Google
Solution: Translate

Question: Sister Of Your Grandpa Or Grandma
Solution: Great aunt

Question: The Italian One Of The Three Tenors
Solution: Pavarotti

Question: Where Anzac Day Is Celebrated New Zealand And
Solution: Australia

Question: World Famous Halloween Parade Site Village
Solution: Greenwich

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