Codycross Circus Group 92 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Keyboard On An Instrument
Solution: Clavier

Question: Americas Opponents In WWII Italy And Japan
Solution: Germany

Question: Barry Goldwaters State
Solution: Arizona

Question: Bits Of Predicament
Solution: Scrapes

Question: Colored Dot Game Once Considered Sex In A Box
Solution: Twister

Question: Colored Dot Mat Game Hold Different Positions
Solution: Twister

Question: Compound That Doesnt Contain A Closed Chain
Solution: Acyclic

Question: Decorated Ornaments Added To Something
Solution: Adorned

Question: India Is The Largest Country In The World
Solution: Seventh

Question: Knight Who Finds The Holy Grail
Solution: Galahad

Question: Laughs Chuckles
Solution: Giggles

Question: Lingua Franca Of The Neo Assyrian Empire And Persia
Solution: Aramaic

Question: Make Create Goods
Solution: Produce

Question: Poker Player Who Is Pretending
Solution: Bluffer

Question: Pulp A Tarantino Movie With John Travolta
Solution: Fiction

Question: Rhea Married To Danny DeVito
Solution: Perlman

Question: Showy Flowers Named After An Ancient Greek Physician
Solution: Peonies

Question: Small Spotlight For Special Effects In Theater
Solution: Pin spot

Question: The Father Son And Holy Ghost
Solution: Trinity

Question: To See Or Create Something In A Persons Mind
Solution: Imagine

Question: Trips By Plane
Solution: Flights

Question: Two Wheeled Vehicle Attached To A Frame
Solution: Bicycle

Question: Vehicle With Huge Tires For Farming
Solution: Tractor

Question: When The Word Is Out It To Another
Solution: Belongs

Question: Wrap Up Warm With Hats And
Solution: Scarves

Question: Of The Sea Seafood Not Poultry Company
Solution: Chicken

Question: Trout Is Known For Its Colors
Solution: Rainbow

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