Codycross Circus Group 92 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: 2 Baseball Games Played On The Same Day Header
Solution: Double

Question: A Brothers Female Relative
Solution: Sister

Question: A Male Parent
Solution: Father

Question: Aesops Short Stories With A Lesson
Solution: Fables

Question: Apprehensions
Solution: Doubts

Question: Bluespotted Tail Ray Has Blue Tail Stripes
Solution: Ribbon

Question: Break Free From Captivity
Solution: Escape

Question: Can Move 3 Spaces In Chess Not In Same Direction
Solution: Knight

Question: Carries Blood From The Heart Through The Body
Solution: Artery

Question: City State On The French Rivera
Solution: Monaco

Question: Crossword What You Are Playing At This Moment
Solution: Puzzle

Question: Dam Building Animal
Solution: Beaver

Question: Founder Of Zhe School Of Ming Dynasty Painting
Solution: Daijin

Question: Inner Mystical Dimension Of Islam
Solution: Sufism

Question: Large Reptile Looks Like A Crocodile Or Alligator
Solution: Caiman

Question: Long Narrow Mark Band Line
Solution: Streak

Question: Ornamental Border Short Strips Hanging From Edges
Solution: Fringe

Question: People Collect These Envelope Stickers
Solution: Stamps

Question: Piles Of Them Fall From Trees In The Fall
Solution: Leaves

Question: Sado Exile Destination In Medieval Japan
Solution: Island

Question: Single Numeral Or Group Of Numerals
Solution: Number

Question: Tale As Old As Time From And The Beast
Solution: Beauty

Question: The Doctrine Kept US Out Of European Matters
Solution: Monroe

Question: To Eat A Lot In Short Period Of Time
Solution: Pig out

Question: And Geeks 90s Cult Favorite Star Platform
Solution: Freaks

Question: Charm Will Pass On Power And Regality To You
Solution: Dragon

Question: Dance 4 Couples In A Rectangular Shape
Solution: Square

Question: Operation Military Plan Carried Out In Secret
Solution: Covert

Question: Pork Slowly Cooked Later Shredded
Solution: Pulled

Question: Right Of Kings Monarchs Authority From God
Solution: Divine

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