Codycross Circus Group 92 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Fan Or Someone In The Crowd At A Sports Event
Solution: Spectator

Question: Artificial Manmade Eg Fibers
Solution: Synthetic

Question: Christmas Peppermint Walking Stick
Solution: Candy cane

Question: Coordinator Of Higher Education Classes
Solution: Professor

Question: Cukes
Solution: Cucumbers

Question: Dali Painted And Hand
Solution: Apparatus

Question: Dont Outrun The
Solution: Constable

Question: Extinct Species Of Shark
Solution: Megalodon

Question: Helpful Features Of A Product
Solution: Utilities

Question: Jayne American Actress And Sex Symbol
Solution: Mansfield

Question: Out Of Control Flames In Forested Countryside
Solution: Wildfires

Question: President Who Served More Than Eight Years
Solution: Roosevelt

Question: Profession Dealing With Prescribing Eyeglasses
Solution: Optometry

Question: Public Walk By The Seaside
Solution: Promenade

Question: Renovating And Reusing Furniture
Solution: Upcycling

Question: State Where Sinatra And Springsteen Were Born
Solution: New jersey

Question: Text In The Form Of A Picture
Solution: Calligram

Question: The Magic Animated TV Series
Solution: School bus

Question: Walked Erratically
Solution: Staggered

Question: Willie Short Film Starring Mickey Mouse
Solution: Steamboat

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