Codycross Circus Group 92 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Sudden Monetary Bonus
Solution: Windfall

Question: Black Tetras Are A Common Pet Fish
Solution: Aquarium

Question: Budweisers Manufacturer Busch
Solution: Anheuser

Question: Eases Guilt Soothes Anagram Of Sausages
Solution: Assuages

Question: In Castlequest You Rescue The Margarita
Solution: Princess

Question: Infectious Disease Also Known By Variola
Solution: Smallpox

Question: It Is Not Always Gold Even If It
Solution: Glitters

Question: Liveliness Sprightliness
Solution: Vivacity

Question: Low Level Computer Language Asm
Solution: Assembly

Question: Medium Sized Bag To Take On A Trip
Solution: Suitcase

Question: Napoleon Made His Brother King Of Naples Ita
Solution: Giuseppe

Question: Person Who Has The Job Of Creating Projects
Solution: Designer

Question: Rock Formation That Slopes Beyond Vertical
Solution: Overhang

Question: Separates Legally From Someone
Solution: Divorces

Question: Shift Motion Trend
Solution: Movement

Question: Similarity Resemblance
Solution: Likeness

Question: Something That Surrounds A Border
Solution: Cincture

Question: Striking An Opponent Unconscious
Solution: Knockout

Question: Sylvester Star Of The Rocky Series
Solution: Stallone

Question: Hayden Actor Of Johnny Guitar
Solution: Sterling

Question: To Heaven By Led Zeppelin
Solution: Stairway

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