Codycross Circus Group 91 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Study In The First Sherlock Holmes Account
Solution: Scarlet

Question: A Bird And A Play By Anton Chekhov
Solution: Seagull

Question: A Mayor With Judicial Powers As Well
Solution: Alcalde

Question: American Musician Artist And Actor Manson
Solution: Marilyn

Question: Brian Hugh Warner Aka Manson
Solution: Marilyn

Question: Container Used In Gardening
Solution: Planter

Question: Containers That Are Used To Drink Out Of
Solution: Glasses

Question: Feeling Of Resentment Anger Offense
Solution: Dudgeon

Question: French Press Coffee Maker
Solution: Plunger

Question: Highest Rank In Biology Taxonomy Like A Realm
Solution: Kingdom

Question: Official Language Of Tanzania
Solution: Swahili

Question: Popular Video Website Bought By Google In 2006
Solution: Youtube

Question: Powerful Energy Source Disastrous As Weapon
Solution: Nuclear

Question: Small Fish Joked About Pizza Topping
Solution: Anchovy

Question: Texas Baseball Club New York City Hockey Team
Solution: Rangers

Question: The Art Of Paper Folding A Japanese Tradition
Solution: Origami

Question: The Best Laid Of Mice And Men
Solution: Schemes

Question: Of The Caribbean Dead Mans Chest 2006 Film
Solution: Pirates

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