Codycross Circus Group 91 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: American Who Wrote The Old Man And The Sea
Solution: Hemingway

Question: Colorless Crystals Used As Insecticide
Solution: Boric acid

Question: Correct Mobile Phone Use In A Car
Solution: Hands free

Question: Distance East Or West From The Prime Meridian
Solution: Longitude

Question: Eat The Hearts Of This Thistle Shaped Vegetable
Solution: Artichoke

Question: Eyesore Blot On The Landscape
Solution: Carbuncle

Question: Furniture Designed To Hold A Basin Or A Jug
Solution: Washstand

Question: Green Even When Ripe
Solution: Avocadoes

Question: Green Blue Color Also A Semi Precious Stone
Solution: Turquoise

Question: Group Of Working Prisoners Sam Cooke Song
Solution: Chain gang

Question: Innumerable
Solution: Countless

Question: Popular 90s Bond Film Starring Pierce Brosnan
Solution: Goldeneye

Question: The Bandicoot Is A Small Omnivore In Australia
Solution: Marsupial

Question: Trolls Are Norse Monsters Who Live In The
Solution: Mountains

Question: Used On Dry Lips Popular Brand
Solution: Chap stick

Question: Wooden Doll Becomes Boy In Disney Classic
Solution: Pinocchio

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