Codycross Circus Group 91 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: 50 Books On Civil Law Compiled By Order Of Justinian
Solution: Pandects

Question: Acts Of Respect
Solution: Tributes

Question: Band That Recorded The Hit Turn Turn Turn
Solution: The byrds

Question: Classic Card Game Where Players Form Melds
Solution: Gin rummy

Question: Colorful Candy Placed On Top Of A Stick
Solution: Lollipop

Question: Dame Emma Aka Sybill Trelawney In Harry Potter
Solution: Thompson

Question: Don Opera By Mozart
Solution: Giovanni

Question: Genie Voiced By Robin In Disneys Aladdin
Solution: Williams

Question: Gross Product Usually Referred To As GDP
Solution: Domestic

Question: Island Where Baden Powell Created The Scouts
Solution: Brownsea

Question: Language Spoken In The Polynesian State Of The US
Solution: Hawaiian

Question: Lick This Sweet Treat On A Stick
Solution: Lollipop

Question: Mountainous Region Between Black And Caspian Seas
Solution: Caucasus

Question: Narrow Passages On A Ship
Solution: Gangways

Question: Nerd Gathering In San Diego Now Mainstream
Solution: Comic con

Question: Optical Bruising From Blunt Force To Face
Solution: Black eye

Question: US State With An Italian Motto
Solution: Maryland

Question: Wealthy Sport Utilizing Leisure Ships
Solution: Yachting

Question: Worlds Largest Rodent With A Large Boxy Nose
Solution: Capybara

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