Codycross Circus Group 91 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Strip Of Fabric Gathered Or Pleated On One Edge
Solution: Ruffles

Question: Arbiter Of A Sports Match
Solution: Referee

Question: Art Photos Written Works About Sex And Love
Solution: Erotica

Question: Birth Surname Of Charlie Sheen
Solution: Estevez

Question: Creature That Sucks Blood And Lives Eternally
Solution: Vampire

Question: Doctor Pasternaks Russian Revolutionary Tale
Solution: Zhivago

Question: Entertain At A Party Making A Website Available
Solution: Hosting

Question: Firearm For Construction Work
Solution: Nail gun

Question: Fred Gingers Partner
Solution: Astaire

Question: Halgerda Batangas Is A Species Of
Solution: Sea slug

Question: Home To CNN Coke And The Worlds Busiest Airport
Solution: Atlanta

Question: Libra Is Celebrated In This Month
Solution: October

Question: Lift Up Higher
Solution: Elevate

Question: Madonnas 1992 Album With Songs Fever And Rain
Solution: Erotica

Question: Monopoly Is An Based Game Of Wealth
Solution: Economy

Question: Next Astrological Sign After Libra
Solution: Scorpio

Question: Not A Dreamer
Solution: Realist

Question: Sheet Of Clear Plastic Over A Piece Of Art
Solution: Acetate

Question: System Of Writing For The Blind
Solution: Braille

Question: The Act Of Ending A Marriage
Solution: Divorce

Question: Title Character Of Cervantes Epic Spanish Tale
Solution: Quixote

Question: To Flog A Dead Horse Is
Solution: Useless

Question: Call Actors Bow To Audience At End Of Play
Solution: Curtain

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