Codycross Circus Group 90 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Baseball Hit That Goes High Up Into The Air
Solution: Fly ball

Question: A Sport Which Is Part Of The Olympic Events
Solution: Sailing

Question: Addictive Substance From The Coca Plant
Solution: Cocaine

Question: Another Word For Embarrassed
Solution: Ashamed

Question: Blood Frog Shells Have Red Colored Tips
Solution: Stained

Question: Eighths In Music Score
Solution: Octaves

Question: Igneous Rock Used On Kitchen Countertops
Solution: Granite

Question: Making Incisions In The Skin Of Fruit And Veggies
Solution: Scoring

Question: Natural Disaster In The Impossible 2011
Solution: Tsunami

Question: Of A Classical Building Without Decorative Columns
Solution: Astylar

Question: Pie Made With This Citric Fruit Eggs And Milk
Solution: Key lime

Question: Place For Takeoff And Landing Of Airplanes
Solution: Airport

Question: Rome Is Known Romantically As The City
Solution: Eternal

Question: Several Pieces Of Artillery Used For Action
Solution: Battery

Question: South Asian Language Spoken In Bangladesh
Solution: Bengali

Question: Sprinkle This Crunchy Oat Cereal On Yogurt
Solution: Granola

Question: Tales Fables
Solution: Stories

Question: The Loser Weight Loss Reality Show
Solution: Biggest

Question: The Tower Of A Church On Which A Spire Is Found
Solution: Steeple

Question: To Put Information Into A Code To Encipher
Solution: Encrypt

Question: What A Teacher Asks For In Class
Solution: Silence

Question: Woven Fabric With Elaborate Raised Pattern
Solution: Brocade

Question: Impossible Tom Cruise Movie Franchise
Solution: Mission

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