Codycross Circus Group 90 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Takes Care Of Your Teeth
Solution: Dentist

Question: A Newly Established Company With Few Employees
Solution: Start up

Question: Cattle Rustlers Criminals Who Steal
Solution: Thieves

Question: Courageous Actions
Solution: Bravery

Question: Courageous Behavior Or Actions
Solution: Bravery

Question: Dennis Weavers Cowboy Who Patrolled NYs Streets
Solution: Mccloud

Question: Director Of Italian Film La Strada Federico
Solution: Fellini

Question: Even Among Them Theres Honour
Solution: Thieves

Question: Extracting White Liquid From A Cow Or Goat
Solution: Milking

Question: First King Of England To Go On A Crusade
Solution: Richard

Question: Kwashiorkor Is Caused By A Lack Of This Nutrient
Solution: Protein

Question: Marine Animal With A Shell And Soft Body
Solution: Mollusc

Question: NBA Team Suns Lost Championship In 1973
Solution: Phoenix

Question: Person Who Claims Fault Against The Other In Court
Solution: Accuser

Question: String Instrument Played With The Mouth
Solution: Jaw harp

Question: Student Who Quits High School Before Graduation
Solution: Drop out

Question: Suspended Bed Normally Placed Outside
Solution: Hammock

Question: Sweet Layered Pastry With Nuts And Honey
Solution: Baklava

Question: The Capital Of Cameroon
Solution: Yaounde

Question: To Contemplate Or Think Carefully About Something
Solution: Reflect

Question: Crane Enemy Of The Headless Horseman
Solution: Ichabod

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