Codycross Circus Group 90 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: Airway Illness Requiring An Inhaler
Solution: Asthma

Question: Antonym Of Subtracting
Solution: Adding

Question: Easy And Effortless
Solution: Simple

Question: Egypt Is Located In
Solution: Africa

Question: Fashion Wears Trends But Looks Ridiculous
Solution: Victim

Question: Legal Advisor
Solution: Lawyer

Question: Marlon Appeared In MJs You Rock My World Video
Solution: Brando

Question: Music Made Using Cutlery Aka Playing The Bones
Solution: Spoons

Question: NY Born Music Featuring Scratching And Break Dance
Solution: Hiphop

Question: Nordic Mythical Sea Creature Release The
Solution: Kraken

Question: Not Pay Attention To
Solution: Ignore

Question: Red Lead
Solution: Minium

Question: Salts Best Friend
Solution: Pepper

Question: Shoot A Person Out Of This At A Circus
Solution: Cannon

Question: Short Necked Bulging Bottle
Solution: Flagon

Question: South American Rodent Related To Guinea Pigs
Solution: Agouti

Question: Spains Capital With Real Atletico Soccer Teams
Solution: Madrid

Question: Sweet Liquid Created By Plants Especially Fruits
Solution: Nectar

Question: Turn And Cough To Check For Organ Exiting
Solution: Hernia

Question: United States Major Ally During Revolutionary War
Solution: France

Question: Vertical Blade On The Stern Of A Ship
Solution: Rudder

Question: Yahtzee Is A Game Of Luck By Rolling 5 Dice
Solution: Played

Question: Brody Won An Academy Award At Age 29
Solution: Adrien

Question: Scissorhands Depp Portrayed Him
Solution: Edward

Question: Of The Jungle Was A Popular 1967 Cartoon
Solution: George

Question: Nintendo Game For Exercising
Solution: Wii fit

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