Codycross Circus Group 89 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: 140 Character Messaging Site
Solution: Twitter

Question: Appliance Used To Cook Food With Hot Mist
Solution: Steamer

Question: Attacking Robbing Someone In Public
Solution: Mugging

Question: CAT A Diagnostic Radiological Machine
Solution: Scanner

Question: Canine Beauty Contest
Solution: Dog show

Question: Cell Phones In The US Canada In The UK
Solution: Mobiles

Question: Evel World Famous Stuntman
Solution: Knievel

Question: Force Clause Meaning Superior Force
Solution: Majeure

Question: Knife Designed To Cut Heavy Rope
Solution: Rigging

Question: Language Most Nobel Literature Winners Have Used
Solution: English

Question: Oceans Cover Almost Three Of The Earth
Solution: Fourths

Question: Popular Bi Monthly Nerdy Magazine
Solution: Science

Question: Running At A Steady Gentle Pace
Solution: Jogging

Question: Small Breed Of Dog Of Pure White Coat
Solution: Maltese

Question: Small Entrance On Most Tent Circuses
Solution: Marquee

Question: Something That Nourishes Sustains
Solution: Aliment

Question: Sport Played In The Indian Premier League
Solution: Cricket

Question: The Little Boy Christmas Percussion Classic
Solution: Drummer

Question: They Speak Louder Than Words
Solution: Actions

Question: Tim Burtons Film About A Gifted Storyteller
Solution: Big fish

Question: To Run Or Ride At A Slow Trot
Solution: Jogging

Question: Turns Down Eliminates
Solution: Rejects

Question: Union Railroad Largest Railroad In Western US
Solution: Pacific

Question: Unitary Parliamentary Republic In Central Europe
Solution: Hungary

Question: Western Indian Region Famous For Trade
Solution: Gujarat

Question: Without Ending Or Beginning Forever Always There
Solution: Eternal

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