Codycross Circus Group 89 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Medical Professional Surgeon Specialist
Solution: Doctor

Question: A Rich French Pastry Anagram Of A Relic
Solution: Eclair

Question: Feta Cheese Is Used In Salads From This Country
Solution: Greece

Question: French Dance Featuring High Kicks And Splits
Solution: Cancan

Question: High Speed Descent Of A Slope On Skis
Solution: Schuss

Question: Landlocked African Country Capital Lilongwe
Solution: Malawi

Question: Machine That Makes A Car Move
Solution: Engine

Question: Madonnas Kabbalah Name
Solution: Esther

Question: Metal Spiral Toy Walks Down Stairs
Solution: Slinky

Question: Michael US Dream Team Basketball Superstar
Solution: Jordan

Question: Money Given Back For A Bad Product
Solution: Refund

Question: Norwegian Cats Bred For Cold Climates
Solution: Forest

Question: Ogilvy Advertising And PR Agency
Solution: Mather

Question: Organ That Makes Urine
Solution: Kidney

Question: Royal Title Male Successor Future King
Solution: Prince

Question: Small Tool With A Flat Blade Used For Planting
Solution: Trowel

Question: Something That Balances For Something Else
Solution: Offset

Question: Steak For Bashing And Tenderising Meat
Solution: Hammer

Question: Stewed Fruit Good For Your Digestive System
Solution: Prunes

Question: Tangential Comments Anagram Of Sadies
Solution: Asides

Question: Hale Colonial Spy During Revolutionary War
Solution: Nathan

Question: Twilight Irish Movement Revival
Solution: Celtic

Question: And The Beast 30th Disney Animated Classic
Solution: Beauty

Question: Texas Ranger Chuck Norris Police Drama
Solution: Walker

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