Codycross Circus Group 89 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: Apple Device That Outlived The Nano And Shuffle
Solution: Ipod touch

Question: At Rest Dormant
Solution: Quiescent

Question: Compass Point Opposite Northwest
Solution: Southeast

Question: It Decides What Is Socially Acceptable
Solution: Etiquette

Question: Katherine New Zealand Story Teller
Solution: Mansfield

Question: Kitty Cat Trying To Get In Tweetys Cage
Solution: Sylvester

Question: Louisiana Creole Dish Based On The Spanish Paella
Solution: Jambalaya

Question: Madagascars Tiny Eastern Neighbor
Solution: Mauritius

Question: Memphis Play At The FedExForum
Solution: Grizzlies

Question: One Who Speaks Very Softly
Solution: Whisperer

Question: Otto Character From The Simpsons Is The School
Solution: Bus driver

Question: Person Who Postulates For A Position
Solution: Candidate

Question: Proves Bears Witness
Solution: Evidences

Question: Re A Drop Of Do Re Mi
Solution: Golden sun

Question: Reaped When One Sows The Wind
Solution: Whirlwind

Question: Running Like A Horse
Solution: Galloping

Question: Small Green Nut In A Shell You Split In Half
Solution: Pistachio

Question: Stand Up Social Critic Cancer Victim
Solution: Bill hicks

Question: Trojan Princess Not Trusted For Her Prophecies
Solution: Cassandra

Question: Dogs Movie By Quentin Tarantino
Solution: Reservoir

Question: Of Scale Money Saving Economic Principle
Solution: Economies

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