Codycross Circus Group 89 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: Amount Of Money That Is Short Of The Needed Total
Solution: Deficit

Question: Breed Of Cat Known For Playful Attitude
Solution: Burmese

Question: Delivery Of Supplies By Plane With A Parachute
Solution: Airdrop

Question: Female Actor
Solution: Actress

Question: Happens After It Rains Contains All Of The Colors
Solution: Rainbow

Question: It Kills With A Sweet Scent Of Almonds
Solution: Cyanide

Question: Julia Roberts Is A Famous One
Solution: Actress

Question: LA MLB Team Established In NY Moved In 1958
Solution: Dodgers

Question: Last Name Of Family Guy Protagonist
Solution: Griffin

Question: Layered Desserts
Solution: Trifles

Question: Meat Not Prepared With Salting Or Drying
Solution: Uncured

Question: Old Fashioned Term For A Jail Keeper
Solution: Turnkey

Question: Restaurant Fee Imposed For Bringing Your Own Wine
Solution: Corkage

Question: Russian Wrestler Lost Twice In Nearly 900 Matches
Solution: Karelin

Question: Sinking Or Hanging Downwards
Solution: Sagging

Question: Someone Who Brings Evidence Up In Arguments
Solution: Adducer

Question: Speculation Risky Journey Or Business
Solution: Venture

Question: Stops Swelling Cools Stings And Bites
Solution: Ice pack

Question: This Language Has An American Dialect
Solution: English

Question: Threw And Caught
Solution: Juggled

Question: Throat Hangers Sometimes Removed
Solution: Tonsils

Question: Unpretentiously Cosy
Solution: Haimish

Question: Young Woman In The 20s Dressed Boldly
Solution: Flapper

Question: Horn Usually Made Of An Animal Horn
Solution: Blowing

Question: Come Go
Solution: Lightly

Question: I Now Proclaim You Husband
Solution: And wife

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