Codycross Circus Group 88 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: Able Naval Rating
Solution: Seaman

Question: Baked Cake Ice Cream Concoction From US State
Solution: Alaska

Question: Category For Boxers Weighing 115 118 Pounds
Solution: Bantam

Question: Decorative Fencing With White Vertical Posts
Solution: Picket

Question: Decorative Womens Easter Hat Tied Under The Chin
Solution: Bonnet

Question: Detailed Description Statement Or Account
Solution: Report

Question: Dried Grapes Eaten As A Snack Or In Cooking
Solution: Raisin

Question: HMO Maintenance Organization
Solution: Health

Question: He Fixes Tiles Slates And Thatch
Solution: Roofer

Question: How To Get Away With Law Drama With Viola Davis
Solution: Murder

Question: Hug Warmly
Solution: Cuddle

Question: In Swimming A Race Using Different Strokes
Solution: Medley

Question: Kids Drawing Tool Made Of Pigmented Wax
Solution: Crayon

Question: Metal Or Plastic Container Without A Lid
Solution: Bucket

Question: Moons That Share An Orbit But Never Collide
Solution: Trojan

Question: Obi Wan Introduces Luke To Han Solo
Solution: Kenobi

Question: President Of France Since May 2017 Emmanuel
Solution: Macron

Question: Reply To A Question
Solution: Answer

Question: Small Beard Around Nose Mouth Not On Sides
Solution: Goatee

Question: Space Around Printed Words On A Page
Solution: Margin

Question: Tesla Car And Energy Company
Solution: Motors

Question: The Capital Of Argentina Aires
Solution: Buenos

Question: The Coldest Season
Solution: Winter

Question: This Spoon Removes The Inside Of The Bone
Solution: Marrow

Question: To Add More Ammunition
Solution: Reload

Question: To Be In Close Contact With Affixed
Solution: Adjoin

Question: Type Of Performance Dance Like The Nutcracker
Solution: Ballet

Question: Where A Plane Lands
Solution: Runway

Question: Paine English American Writer And Activist
Solution: Thomas

Question: Filefish Can Change Colors Very Quickly
Solution: Radial

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