Codycross Circus Group 87 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: Anagram Of Master
Solution: Stream

Question: Author Of Rip Van Suffered From Insomnia
Solution: Winkle

Question: Boston MLB Team With Scarlet Footwear
Solution: Red sox

Question: Bread That Has Used Yeast Or Fermentation
Solution: Raised

Question: Capital And Largest City Of Croatia
Solution: Zagreb

Question: Country Bordering Guatemala On The North
Solution: Mexico

Question: Cover For The Center Of A Cars Wheel
Solution: Hubcap

Question: Finding The Sum Of Two Numbers
Solution: Adding

Question: Foam While Boiling
Solution: Seethe

Question: Formal Name For The White Crown Of Upper Egypt
Solution: Hedjet

Question: Jackie Joyner Multi Medal Winning US Athlete
Solution: Kersee

Question: Kevin Frank Underwood In House Of Cards
Solution: Spacey

Question: Landed Aristocrats Who Lived Off Land Incomes
Solution: Gentry

Question: Luis Surrealist Filmmaker Of Un Chien Andalou
Solution: Bunuel

Question: Moulin Rouge Actress Nicole
Solution: Kidman

Question: Nakedness
Solution: Nudity

Question: Nickname For A Canadian Often Prefaced With Crazy
Solution: Canuck

Question: Rating Of How Likely Someone Is To Pay
Solution: Credit

Question: Sometimes Derogatory Name For A Canadian
Solution: Canuck

Question: Stylish And Sophisticated
Solution: Classy

Question: Tarot Card Suits Are Batons Cups Coins And
Solution: Swords

Question: The Illustrated News Former Weekly Magazine
Solution: London

Question: The Valley Where The Dead Sea Scrolls Were Found
Solution: Qumran

Question: This Person Has The Final Say At A Newspaper
Solution: Editor

Question: To Gain Possession Of Gain Through Effort
Solution: Obtain

Question: To Suck Air Water Dust
Solution: Vacuum

Question: Used To Pound Nails
Solution: Hammer

Question: Utensil Usually Comes In Salt Pepper Combo
Solution: Shaker

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