Codycross Circus Group 87 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Less Busy Less Expensive Time To Travel
Solution: Off peak

Question: Afeared
Solution: Dreaded

Question: Architect And Engineer From Ancient Egypt
Solution: Imhotep

Question: Carl Is Jimmy Neutrons Best Friend
Solution: Wheezer

Question: Comfort Cushion For Getting Down To Floor Level
Solution: Kneeler

Question: Confer
Solution: Discuss

Question: Crisp Sharp Noises
Solution: Crackle

Question: Encampment Of Tents Without Protection
Solution: Bivouac

Question: Goalposts In Football Are Off The Ground
Solution: Ten feet

Question: Home For The Stove And Dishwasher
Solution: Kitchen

Question: John Famous US Tennis Player From 70s And 80s
Solution: Mcenroe

Question: Membranous Is The Shortest And Least Dilatable
Solution: Urethra

Question: Michael US Sprinter With Many World Records
Solution: Johnson

Question: Modified Revised
Solution: Altered

Question: Modified Revised Revamped Changed
Solution: Altered

Question: Process Of Gathering Crops
Solution: Harvest

Question: Shakespearean Play Subtitled The Moor Of Venice
Solution: Othello

Question: Valet A Benefit To Have In Crowded Cities
Solution: Parking

Question: Vegetable With Green Or Purple Leaves
Solution: Cabbage

Question: Hairless Dog Is Also Called The Xoloitzcuintli
Solution: Mexican

Question: Man Temporary Community Erected In Nevada
Solution: Burning

Question: Twice Cut Once
Solution: Measure

Question: A Space Adventure 2005
Solution: Zathura

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