Codycross Circus Group 87 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Person Charged With A Crime
Solution: Accused

Question: A Pointed Beard
Solution: Van dyke

Question: Advantage Gain In Doing Something
Solution: Benefit

Question: Ancient Monotheistic Religion From The Middle East
Solution: Judaism

Question: Charged With A Crime Offense
Solution: Accused

Question: City In California That Hosts Disneyland
Solution: Anaheim

Question: French For Good Day
Solution: Bonjour

Question: Joy And Excitement
Solution: Delight

Question: Not A War Horse Or A Pack Horse
Solution: Palfrey

Question: One Legged Camera Support
Solution: Monopod

Question: Pardon For Offenses Against A Country
Solution: Amnesty

Question: Ruth Created Chief Inspector Wexford
Solution: Rendell

Question: Screamride Is A Roller Sim Builder
Solution: Coaster

Question: Small Bulb That Resembles An Onion
Solution: Shallot

Question: Small Sharp Blade Used For Surgeries
Solution: Scalpel

Question: Stopping
Solution: Halting

Question: Sudden Rupture Of A Car Tire
Solution: Blowout

Question: Superstore Chain Worlds Largest Private Employer
Solution: Walmart

Question: Suzanne Prolific 1920s French Tennis Player
Solution: Lenglen

Question: This Presidents Birthday Is A Holiday
Solution: Lincoln

Question: Transposing Letters To Make A New Word
Solution: Anagram

Question: Type Of Incandescent Light Bulb
Solution: Halogen

Question: Winter Event Of 2 Or 4 People Teams
Solution: Bobsled

Question: Worlds Largest Employer Started As Small Retailer
Solution: Walmart

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