Codycross Circus Group 86 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: Alcohol Much More Serious Than Being Drunk
Solution: Poisoning

Question: Barrel That Catches And Stores Rainfall
Solution: Water butt

Question: Cigar Smoking British Prime Minister During WWII
Solution: Churchill

Question: Circus March Tunes Played Really Loudly
Solution: Screamers

Question: Consecutive
Solution: Sequenced

Question: Contesting Challenging
Solution: Disputing

Question: Discharge Of Substances
Solution: Secretion

Question: Easy To Make Rice Brand
Solution: Uncle bens

Question: Exhaustion Fatigue
Solution: Tiredness

Question: Feeling Of Thankfulness Appreciation
Solution: Gratitude

Question: Highest Mountain Of The Pyrenees
Solution: Pico aneto

Question: Ice Cream With Chocolate Almonds And Marshmallow
Solution: Rocky road

Question: In Space When A Spaceship Lands On A Planet
Solution: Touchdown

Question: Maria Russian Tennis Player
Solution: Sharapova

Question: Medical Science Related To The Nervous System
Solution: Neurology

Question: Pride Of The Royal Navy In Pirates Of The Caribbean
Solution: Dauntless

Question: Rock Band Called The Bad Boys From Boston
Solution: Aerosmith

Question: Similar To Entertainer
Solution: Performer

Question: Substance Produced By Body To Regulate Mood Pain
Solution: Serotonin

Question: Taking Someone Elses Blame
Solution: Scapegoat

Question: The Person Who Is Always Blamed
Solution: Scapegoat

Question: Who Composed And Sang Eleanor Rigby
Solution: Mccartney

Question: Gorgeous Villain On Jimmy Neutron
Solution: Beautiful

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