Codycross Circus Group 86 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: 2013 Olivier Award Recipient Helen
Solution: Mirren

Question: A Beautiful Fragrant Bloom From A Plant Or Tree
Solution: Flower

Question: Articulate Inaudibly Under The Breath
Solution: Mutter

Question: Attempted To Attract And Sell To Customers
Solution: Touted

Question: Chretien De French Poet Of Arthurian Legend
Solution: Troyes

Question: Claustrophobia Is A Fear Of Spaces
Solution: Closed

Question: Distress Caused By Loss Heartache Misery
Solution: Sorrow

Question: Emmanuel Became President Of France In 2017
Solution: Macron

Question: Fried Dough Snack Popular In Latin America
Solution: Churro

Question: Funnel Shaped Item For Storing Grain Or Coal
Solution: Hopper

Question: Greyhounds Are Mainly Known For At Dog Tracks
Solution: Racing

Question: Misery And American Story Actress Kathy Bates
Solution: Horror

Question: Plea For The Reversal Of A Judges Decision
Solution: Appeal

Question: Quantity Of An Item Usually Large
Solution: Volume

Question: Raingear Inspired By Peruvian Clothing
Solution: Poncho

Question: Save On Cutlery Using This Fork Spoon Combo
Solution: Sporks

Question: Sean Mc Actor Director Producer
Solution: Namara

Question: The Act Of Moving Through The Air Above The Ground
Solution: Flying

Question: The Capital Of Kuwait City
Solution: Kuwait

Question: Tissue That Is Used To Make Your Body Move
Solution: Muscle

Question: Unwavering Poise Assurance Position
Solution: Aplomb

Question: Virus Protection Software Once Owned By Intel
Solution: Mcafee

Question: Vocalist Who Sings In Rhythmic Speech
Solution: Rapper

Question: Welsh Poet Whose Home Is Now A Museum Dylan
Solution: Thomas

Question: When Youre In A Foreign Country Youre Said To Be
Solution: Abroad

Question: You Can Find These In Catacombs
Solution: Skulls

Question: Dent From The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy
Solution: Arthur

Question: Toast Breakfast Dish Bread Coated With Eggs
Solution: French

Question: Coaster Fairground Ride That Loops The Loop
Solution: Roller

Question: Seizure Means Losing Strength Drop Seizure
Solution: Atonic

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