Codycross Circus Group 86 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: Blue Moon Of Recorded By Elvis Presley
Solution: Kentucky

Question: Board Game For Two Players Each With 12 Pieces
Solution: Checkers

Question: Close Private And Personal
Solution: Intimate

Question: Diego Riveras Famous Painting Leader Zapata
Solution: Agrarian

Question: Dinosaur Is A Live Action Animated Disney Film
Solution: Computer

Question: Forcing Out Of An Airplane
Solution: Ejecting

Question: Large Celebration Event
Solution: Festival

Question: Large Celebration Organized Event
Solution: Festival

Question: Light Azure Hue Associated With Newborns
Solution: Baby blue

Question: Modern Word For A Close Male Friendship
Solution: Bromance

Question: Novak Serbian Tennis Player
Solution: Djokovic

Question: One Story Cottage Gabled Roof
Solution: Bungalow

Question: Paramaribo Is This Dutch Speaking Nations Capital
Solution: Suriname

Question: Parking Space Leading Up To Your Home
Solution: Driveway

Question: Rare Not Usual
Solution: Uncommon

Question: Table Corals Are A Type Of Reef Corals
Solution: Building

Question: Tags Your Reading Place Saves Sites On Browsers
Solution: Bookmark

Question: UK Country Voted On Independence In 2014
Solution: Scotland

Question: Again Chers Dancing Queen Concert Tour
Solution: Here we go

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