Codycross Circus Group 86 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Poet A Designation Applied To Shakespeare
Solution: The bard

Question: Chemical Element With Symbol U Atomic Number 92
Solution: Uranium

Question: Cigar Flat At Both Ends
Solution: Cheroot

Question: Classic Kids Game Involving Small Glass Balls
Solution: Marbles

Question: Digital Photographic Revolution No Film Needed
Solution: Cameras

Question: Distress With Bodily Or Mental Pain
Solution: Afflict

Question: Game Originating In China Using 144 Tiles
Solution: Mahjong

Question: Group Of People With A Common Interest
Solution: Network

Question: Muscular Organ That Is Part Of The Urinary System
Solution: Bladder

Question: One Of The Planets Of The Solar System
Solution: Neptune

Question: Performer Walks On Wires Swings Above Crowd
Solution: Acrobat

Question: Pufferfish Into Balloons When Threatened
Solution: Inflate

Question: Romantic Relationships
Solution: Affairs

Question: Slang For Crazy Mad Insane
Solution: Bonkers

Question: Southernmost City In The World In Argentina
Solution: Ushuaia

Question: Veterans Aka VA In Charge Of Post War Care
Solution: Affairs

Question: When One Thing Partially Covers Another
Solution: Overlap

Question: Under HBO Series About A Morgue And Family
Solution: Six feet

Question: And Sullivan Opera Composers
Solution: Gilbert

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