Codycross Circus Group 85 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Broad Brimmed Felt Hat Typically Worn In Mexico
Solution: Sombrero

Question: Activated Is Used To Absorb Swallowed Poison
Solution: Charcoal

Question: Advocate Of A Strict Moral Code
Solution: Bluenose

Question: An Art Piece Done With Pigments
Solution: Painting

Question: An Art Piece Done With Pigments And Colors
Solution: Painting

Question: Anyone Can Do Without Them
Solution: Luxuries

Question: Baby Duck
Solution: Duckling

Question: Computer Identification For Access
Solution: Username

Question: Country That Introduced 100 Billion Note In 2008
Solution: Zimbabwe

Question: Fire Circus Staple Spits Flames For Show
Solution: Breather

Question: French Consort Of King Edward II
Solution: Isabella

Question: Hattie 1st African American To Win An Oscar
Solution: Mcdaniel

Question: Introduction To The Consitution Of The US
Solution: Preamble

Question: Nat Sang The Christmas Song In 1961
Solution: King cole

Question: Nickname For Canadas National Police Force
Solution: Mounties

Question: Not For The General Public Meant For A Select Few
Solution: Esoteric

Question: One Half Of SS Minnow Crew
Solution: Gilligan

Question: One Who Fights For And Promotes Engaged Citizenry
Solution: Activist

Question: Pain In Leg And Hip From Pinched Nerves
Solution: Sciatica

Question: What The E Stands For In The Acronym OECD
Solution: Economic

Question: Evil PlayStations Survival Horror Videogame
Solution: Resident

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