Codycross Circus Group 85 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: Bartender Sam Malone Dr John Becker Actor
Solution: Ted danson

Question: Being The Same As Something Else
Solution: Identical

Question: Communal Dwelling Of North American Indians
Solution: Longhouse

Question: Connected To Another By Blood Or Marriage
Solution: Relations

Question: Food That Has Been Prepared In Advance
Solution: Precooked

Question: Forever More Without End
Solution: Eternally

Question: Game In Which Participants Shoot Capsules Of Paint
Solution: Paintball

Question: Home That Floats On A River
Solution: Houseboat

Question: One Who Delivers Items Or Goes On An Errand
Solution: Messenger

Question: President Who Called Monticello Home
Solution: Jefferson

Question: Skilled Designer Of Buildings
Solution: Architect

Question: South German Car Making City On The River Neckar
Solution: Stuttgart

Question: Sport In Which Players Shoot Capsules Of Pigment
Solution: Paintball

Question: They Obstruct Progress Hurdles
Solution: Obstacles

Question: To Become Something Or Someone Else
Solution: Transform

Question: Turned Into Alcohol
Solution: Fermented

Question: Whapuku Or Large Prized Fish From Australia
Solution: Wreckfish

Question: Deficit And Hyperactivity Disorder
Solution: Attention

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