Codycross Circus Group 85 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Machine Binds Fabrics Together
Solution: Sewing

Question: A Professional Clown Joker In Medieval Courts
Solution: Jester

Question: All Day Post Halloween Holiday Aka All Hallows
Solution: Saints

Question: Being Exercising Having Movement
Solution: Active

Question: Citys Football Team Lives In The Dawg Pound
Solution: Browns

Question: Condition Of Someones Body Or Mind
Solution: Health

Question: Country Colonized By The Portuguese In S America
Solution: Brazil

Question: Crown Of Twisted For Jesus Crucifixion
Solution: Thorns

Question: Designed Charlenes Gown When She Wed In Monaco
Solution: Armani

Question: Document From Which A Movie Is Shot
Solution: Script

Question: Earthquake Shake
Solution: Tremor

Question: Food Can Only Be Tasted With This
Solution: Saliva

Question: Hair Style With Party In The Back
Solution: Mullet

Question: He Plays Dr House
Solution: Laurie

Question: Kitchen Scissors Typically Used On Poultry
Solution: Shears

Question: Metal Element Used In Rechargeable Batteries
Solution: Nickel

Question: Mexican Beer Often Spiked With A Lime Wedge
Solution: Corona

Question: Name For A Ghost In Scottish
Solution: Wraith

Question: Round Table Wedding Gift Recipient King
Solution: Arthur

Question: Sherlock Holmes Sidekick
Solution: Watson

Question: Soft Sulphate Mineral Used In Plaster
Solution: Gypsum

Question: Stereotype Overused Phrase Expression
Solution: Cliche

Question: This Hugh Played Dr House
Solution: Laurie

Question: Unidentified Object Aka UFO
Solution: Flying

Question: Wretchedness Of Condition Or Circumstances
Solution: Misery

Question: Higgenbottom Is The Mighty B
Solution: Bessie

Question: Plow Implement With Large Hooks Deep Tillage
Solution: Chisel

Question: Scissorhands Starred Johnny Depp
Solution: Edward

Question: Arrangements Is Art With Flowers
Solution: Floral

Question: Arranging Is Making Art With Flowers
Solution: Floral

Question: Games Are On Demand Games
Solution: Casual

Question: Horns Have A Long Coiled Tube And Big Bell
Solution: French

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