Codycross Circus Group 85 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Plant Louse
Solution: Greenfly

Question: A Superordinate Word
Solution: Hypernym

Question: Altitude Is Caused From High Altitudes
Solution: Sickness

Question: Amanda Actress In Mamma Mia
Solution: Seyfried

Question: Board Game With Letter Tiles
Solution: Scrabble

Question: Brown Salty Asian Condiment From Fermented Beans
Solution: Soy sauce

Question: Cassatt Painted Under The Horse Tree
Solution: Chestnut

Question: Electronic Sound Emitters
Solution: Speakers

Question: Falling In Love Again Marlene Cant Help It
Solution: Dietrich

Question: Famous Tile Word Game
Solution: Scrabble

Question: Jimmy Smits And Dennis Franz Cop Show
Solution: Nypd blue

Question: Large Rock That Orbits The Sun Belt
Solution: Asteroid

Question: More Cases Of A Disease Than Expected
Solution: Epidemic

Question: More Perspiring
Solution: Sweatier

Question: Person Licensed To Make Eyeglasses In US
Solution: Optician

Question: Promising To Do Something Eg Donate Money
Solution: Pledging

Question: Small Cloth Worn Around The Neck Or Head
Solution: Bandanna

Question: Type Of Ancient Weapon Shoots Bolts Or Quarrels
Solution: Crossbow

Question: Uncontrollable Emotional State
Solution: Hysteria

Question: Unguent For Application To The Skin
Solution: Ointment

Question: Very Thin Layer Of Tissue Covering A Surface
Solution: Membrane

Question: Tiaras Reality Show About Kids Beauty Pageant
Solution: Toddlers

Question: War Major North African Conflict With France
Solution: Algerian

Question: Fan Is A Cone Shaped Sediment Deposit
Solution: Alluvial

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