Codycross Circus Group 84 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Breeze Blowing From Behind
Solution: Tailwind

Question: Angular Elevation Of An Object Above The Horizon
Solution: Altitude

Question: Animated Shows Particularly Watched By Children
Solution: Cartoons

Question: Chart With The Days Weeks And Months Of A Year
Solution: Calendar

Question: Children Watch These
Solution: Cartoons

Question: Dont Wake Daddy Game About To The Kitchen
Solution: Sneaking

Question: Ear Is Done So Jewelry Is Wearable
Solution: Piercing

Question: Hollywood Film Director With Italian Ascendance
Solution: Scorsese

Question: Home Grounds For Russian National Team
Solution: Luzhniki

Question: Made Better Or Clearer
Solution: Enhanced

Question: Museum Displays
Solution: Exhibits

Question: Putting A Hole In An Earlobe For A Stud
Solution: Piercing

Question: SEAT Car Model Named After A Palace In Granada
Solution: Alhambra

Question: Sea Tract South Of Bermuda Where Planes Vanish
Solution: Triangle

Question: Small Round Nut Also Used As Coffee Flavoring
Solution: Hazelnut

Question: Soup With Chopped Tomato And Cucumber Served Cold
Solution: Gazpacho

Question: These Cells Deliver Oxygen To The Body
Solution: Red blood

Question: Tight Fisted Greedy
Solution: Grasping

Question: Two Books Of Corinthians Are Pauls
Solution: Epistles

Question: Unpaid Voluntary
Solution: Honorary

Question: Island Salad Dressing Big Mac Sauce
Solution: Thousand

Question: Played Mayor West In Family Guy
Solution: Adam west

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