Codycross Circus Group 84 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: Dont Pull Dont Hold Back
Solution: Punches

Question: Following Rules
Solution: Obeying

Question: Gears Of War Is A Science Video Game
Solution: Fiction

Question: Giant Ice Planet In Our Solar System
Solution: Neptune

Question: He Typically Rules Over More Than One Nation
Solution: Emperor

Question: Indecent In Law Likely To Corrupt
Solution: Obscene

Question: It Begins At Home
Solution: Charity

Question: Kid Between Ages 10 And 13
Solution: Preteen

Question: Lady Gaga Song Million
Solution: Reasons

Question: One Of The Marx Brothers
Solution: Groucho

Question: One Of The Stories Of A Thousand And One Nights
Solution: Aladdin

Question: Opprobrious Contumelious Invective
Solution: Abusive

Question: Orange Yellow Fruit Like A Peach
Solution: Apricot

Question: Ornamental Shoulder Piece On Military Uniforms
Solution: Epaulet

Question: Proudest Of Birds
Solution: Peacock

Question: Renowned Russian Ballet Company
Solution: Bolshoi

Question: Samuel Wealthiest Pirate In Recorded History
Solution: Bellamy

Question: Steve Who Starred In Bullitt
Solution: Mcqueen

Question: To Suffer Serious Mental Pain Anguish Torture
Solution: Agonize

Question: Voted In Democratically
Solution: Elected

Question: Were The 2013 Film About Family Road Trip
Solution: Millers

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