Codycross Circus Group 84 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Bed Bug Is A That Feeds On Blood
Solution: Parasite

Question: A Person Who Looks After Livestock
Solution: Stockman

Question: Act Of Occupying Another Place Country Etc
Solution: Invasion

Question: American Friends Enjoy One Last Night
Solution: Graffiti

Question: Antonym Of Light
Solution: Darkness

Question: Bounty Hunter That Caught Han Solo In Star Wars
Solution: Boba fett

Question: Canon Law Written In The Medieval Ages
Solution: Decretum

Question: Detailed Elaborate Particular
Solution: Thorough

Question: Fix A Tennis Racket
Solution: Restring

Question: Game Known As Soccer In The US And Canada
Solution: Football

Question: Long Barcelona Avenue Leading To The Sea
Solution: La rambla

Question: Maradona And Argentine Soccer Duo
Solution: Caniggia

Question: Plant From Sunflower Family Used As A Herb
Solution: Tarragon

Question: Podium Tribune Stand Stage
Solution: Platform

Question: Range Of Items Including Cardigans Jumpers Etc
Solution: Knitwear

Question: Slender Antelopes
Solution: Gazelles

Question: The Big A Coens Movie With Jeff Bridges
Solution: Lebowski

Question: The Hateful Eights Actress Jason Leigh
Solution: Jennifer

Question: The Capital Of United Arab Emirates
Solution: Abu dhabi

Question: The Ones Who Flip And Fly In The Air For Show
Solution: Acrobats

Question: To Look At Or Think With Smug Or Malicious Intent
Solution: Gloating

Question: Twelve Oclock
Solution: Midnight

Question: Zero Lowest Possible Temperature
Solution: Absolute

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