Codycross Circus Group 83 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: An Apparatus In Which Nuclear Fission Is Made
Solution: Reactor

Question: Anagram Of Teacher
Solution: Cheater

Question: Dental Liquid Metal Filling For Cavities
Solution: Amalgam

Question: Farming Machine For Plowing For Example
Solution: Tractor

Question: Founder And Lead Singer Of The Who Roger
Solution: Daltrey

Question: Homer Loves Donuts And Beer
Solution: Simpson

Question: Hot Dry Calgary Wind
Solution: Chinook

Question: Large Worn Rock Detached From The Earth
Solution: Boulder

Question: Moes Hairstyle Round Shaped
Solution: Bowl cut

Question: Molded Italian Ice Cream With Layers
Solution: Spumoni

Question: Morgan Financial Company
Solution: Stanley

Question: Moved Slightly
Solution: Shifted

Question: Not In Favor
Solution: Against

Question: Novel By Jules Verne 20000 Under The Sea
Solution: Leagues

Question: Organ For Containing Liquid In The Body
Solution: Bladder

Question: Permission That Is Not Refused Is
Solution: Granted

Question: Person In Charge Of A Department
Solution: Foreman

Question: Pickle Of Indian Origin Thick Sauce
Solution: Chutney

Question: Skimpy Swimming Trunks
Solution: Speedos

Question: Small Part Of An Acorn Tree
Solution: Oak leaf

Question: This Fish Is Used To Make Imitation Crab Meat
Solution: Pollock

Question: Upholstered Bench Found At The End Of A Bed
Solution: Ottoman

Question: Worlds Busiest Airport In Passenger Traffic
Solution: Atlanta

Question: Riders Civil Rights Activists In US South
Solution: Freedom

Question: And Isolde A Wagner Opera
Solution: Tristan

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