Codycross Circus Group 83 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Companys Involvement In Community Projects
Solution: Outreach

Question: All My American Soap Opera Cancelled In 2011
Solution: Children

Question: Barbara Starred In Double Indemnity
Solution: Stanwyck

Question: British Model Once Involved In A Drug Scandal
Solution: Kate moss

Question: Cold Dark Floor Of The Pacific Or Atlantic
Solution: Ocean bed

Question: Creator Of The Bridget Jones Character Helen
Solution: Fielding

Question: Fear And In Las Vegas Depp Film
Solution: Loathing

Question: Held To The Bottom Of The Sea
Solution: At anchor

Question: House Of An Influential Royal House In Europe
Solution: Habsburg

Question: Individual Bobsled Event With Small Sled
Solution: Skeleton

Question: Large Wall That Separates Compartments In A Ship
Solution: Bulkhead

Question: Moving From Place To Place Like Butterflies
Solution: Flitting

Question: Often Removed Along With Tonsils
Solution: Adenoids

Question: Province Of Newfoundland Mainland Or A Type Of Dog
Solution: Labrador

Question: Someone Who Works Promoting A Product
Solution: Marketer

Question: The Whole Kit And
Solution: Caboodle

Question: This 1st Element Has No Odor Color Or Taste
Solution: Hydrogen

Question: This 1st Element Has No Smell Or Taste
Solution: Hydrogen

Question: This Irish Beer Gave Name To A Record Book
Solution: Guinness

Question: Vehicle For Fairways
Solution: Golf cart

Question: Wicked Female Giants
Solution: Ogresses

Question: Film Based On A Musical Named After A State
Solution: Oklahoma

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