Codycross Circus Group 83 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: Assyrian Goddess Of Love And Fertility
Solution: Ishtar

Question: Author Of Sense And Sensibility Jane
Solution: Austen

Question: Body Of Water Small River Brook
Solution: Stream

Question: Capital Of Poland
Solution: Warsaw

Question: Heart City Of Ancient Greece
Solution: Athens

Question: In Codenames You Try To Find Secret Names
Solution: Agents

Question: In Codenames You Uncover The Names Of Secret
Solution: Agents

Question: Inventor Of The Electric Razor Jacob
Solution: Schick

Question: Italian Word For Ice Cream
Solution: Gelato

Question: Light At Clubs Produces Flashes
Solution: Strobe

Question: Light Coat Worn On Upper Body When Its Cool
Solution: Jacket

Question: Man Who Herds Cattle Lives On A Ranch
Solution: Cowboy

Question: Mass Departure Genesis
Solution: Exodus

Question: Metal Utensil Usually Used To Shred Cheese
Solution: Grater

Question: Otters Playful Mammals With Feet
Solution: Webbed

Question: Popular Latin American Dessert Tres
Solution: Leches

Question: Portable Personal Computer Aka Notebook
Solution: Laptop

Question: REIT Real Investment Trust Mutual Fund Type
Solution: Estate

Question: Small Space Between The Veins On A Leaf
Solution: Areola

Question: Sport Played By Roger Federer
Solution: Tennis

Question: Surrounds Human Nipples
Solution: Areola

Question: Temporary Worker Looking For Experience
Solution: Intern

Question: To Win In A Battle Complete Of The Enemy
Solution: Defeat

Question: Used To Stiffen Fabric
Solution: Starch

Question: Vince Dodgeball And Wedding Crashers Actor
Solution: Vaughn

Question: Brown Was Publicly Criticized By Dan Quayle
Solution: Murphy

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