Codycross Circus Group 83 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: Allows Soldiers To Drop Into War Zones
Solution: Parachute

Question: Aristotle Was A Greek Philosopher And
Solution: Scientist

Question: Art Of Carving Something Into Surfaces
Solution: Engraving

Question: Au Fancier Way To Say On The Contrary
Solution: Contraire

Question: Cant Move Around The House Due To Illness Age
Solution: Bed ridden

Question: Direction In Which You Turn A Screw To Tighten
Solution: Clockwise

Question: Direction Of Movement Of A Timepieces Hands
Solution: Clockwise

Question: Dont Cry For Me Evita Song
Solution: Argentina

Question: Happen Be Held Eg An Event
Solution: Take place

Question: I Spy With My In Car Entertainment
Solution: Little eye

Question: Inflammation Of Artery Walls
Solution: Arteritis

Question: John Writer And Director Of Halloween In 1978
Solution: Carpenter

Question: Juandissimo Is A Fairy On Fairly Odd Parents
Solution: Magnifico

Question: Kate Watercolourist And Book Illustrator
Solution: Greenaway

Question: Outdoor Grills Filled With Charcoal
Solution: Barbecues

Question: The Before Christmas Was Released In 1993
Solution: Nightmare

Question: Those Who Just Started
Solution: Beginners

Question: Type Of Story Read To Young Children At Bedtime
Solution: Fairytale

Question: Used To Serve Food And Display Or Store Dishes
Solution: Sideboard

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