Codycross Circus Group 83 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Womans Tight Undergarment
Solution: Corselet

Question: Alternating Crops Grown In A Field Crop
Solution: Rotation

Question: Artist Who Painted His Mother
Solution: Whistler

Question: Book Someone Hostile To Books Learning
Solution: Scorpion

Question: Dogs Like King Charles And Clumber
Solution: Spaniels

Question: Egg McDonalds Breakfast Bun Fill
Solution: Mcmuffin

Question: Egg McDonalds Breakfast Sandwich
Solution: Mcmuffin

Question: John Robinson Means To A Circus Performance
Solution: Cut short

Question: King Of Serpents Causes Death With A Single Look
Solution: Basilisk

Question: Kuala Lumpur Is The Capital Of
Solution: Malaysia

Question: List Of Tasks To Be Performed During A Period
Solution: Schedule

Question: Mudbugs Or Are Freshwater Lobsters
Solution: Crawfish

Question: Paul Big Fat Liar Actor
Solution: Giamatti

Question: Profession Of Rachael Rays Husband John
Solution: Musician

Question: Reduction On A Price
Solution: Discount

Question: Relating To The Sea Or Shipping
Solution: Maritime

Question: Running Towards Something En Masse
Solution: Charging

Question: She Was Turned Into A Pillar Of Salt In The Bible
Solution: Lots wife

Question: Skeet Is The Act Of Firing Shells At Discs
Solution: Shooting

Question: Starvation Disorder Caused By Body Image Issues
Solution: Anorexia

Question: Superstition Tells You Not To Open It Indoors
Solution: Umbrella

Question: The Reality Show Of True Love And Roses
Solution: Bachelor

Question: These Veg With Lots Of Leaves Look Like A Lettuce
Solution: Cabbages

Question: Thieves People Who Break Into And Steal
Solution: Burglars

Question: This Laughing Candy Will Satisfy Your Hunger
Solution: Snickers

Question: To Make More Attractive By Adding Extra Items
Solution: Decorate

Question: Widespread Loss Of Electricity In Urban Area
Solution: Blackout

Question: Oblige
Solution: Noblesse

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