Codycross Circus Group 82 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Poem Of Eight Lines
Solution: Octave

Question: Animal Said To Have Brought Mary To Bethlehem
Solution: Donkey

Question: Candy Made By Caramelizing Sugar Or Molasses
Solution: Toffee

Question: Capital Of Greece
Solution: Athens

Question: Ceremonial Blade Used In Wicca Religion
Solution: Athame

Question: Chest Pain Like Pressure Or Squeezing
Solution: Angina

Question: Climb Or Walk Up A Hill To Rise
Solution: Ascent

Question: Inclined Slanted
Solution: Angled

Question: Latin Term For Festival Or Celebration
Solution: Fiesta

Question: Laurie Halloween Character Of Jamie Lee Curtis
Solution: Strode

Question: Marks On Clothes That Dont Come Out
Solution: Stains

Question: Narrow Passage Of Water Connecting Two Seas Oceans
Solution: Strait

Question: Not Boastful Prim And Proper
Solution: Modest

Question: Opposite Of Days
Solution: Nights

Question: Painting On Wet Plaster
Solution: Fresco

Question: Permeate With A Smell Eg Spices Into Mulled Wine
Solution: Infuse

Question: Pitch Interval There Are Eight Of Them
Solution: Octave

Question: Poem By John Donne No Man Is An
Solution: Island

Question: Provided Supplied
Solution: Issued

Question: Sweet Chewy Treat From Heating Sugar Or Molasses
Solution: Toffee

Question: Synonym Of Severe
Solution: Strict

Question: The Triggerfish Is Also Known As Picasso
Solution: Assasi

Question: Things That Have Value To An Owner
Solution: Assets

Question: Combined Includes Ski Jumping Cross Country
Solution: Nordic

Question: Mara Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Actress
Solution: Rooney

Question: Regime Old French Order Of Politics
Solution: Ancien

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