Codycross Circus Group 82 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: Carnivores Are That Eat Only Meat
Solution: Animals

Question: Don Character Created By Miguel De Cervantes
Solution: Quixote

Question: Grows Wider
Solution: Expands

Question: Michael Actor Married Catherine Zeta Jones
Solution: Douglas

Question: Ozzie And Post WWII Sitcom Started On Radio
Solution: Harriet

Question: Part Of The Body Between Chest And Pelvis
Solution: Abdomen

Question: Plane Returning To The Ground
Solution: Landing

Question: Removed Dirt
Solution: Cleaned

Question: Role Of A Naive Young Woman
Solution: Ingenue

Question: Said To Be The Stepping Stone To Success
Solution: Failure

Question: Salty Or Dry Roasted Snacks
Solution: Peanuts

Question: Struck Idiophone Operated By A Keyboard
Solution: Celesta

Question: Suitcases And Bags You Check In At The Airport
Solution: Baggage

Question: This Southern State Has An Official Coke Day
Solution: Georgia

Question: To Go Somewhere Without Worrying About The Risks
Solution: Venture

Question: Virtual Currency Introduced In 2008
Solution: Bitcoin

Question: Walking With Difficulty Or With A Stiff Leg
Solution: Limping

Question: Bank In The US The Federal Reserve
Solution: Central

Question: Up Dont Take Things So Seriously
Solution: Lighten

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