Codycross Circus Group 82 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Summer Olympic Sport
Solution: Swimming

Question: Able To Bend Easily
Solution: Flexible

Question: Agreement Between Two Parties
Solution: Contract

Question: Alpha To Omega The Greek
Solution: Alphabet

Question: Animated Feline Lasagna Lover
Solution: Garfield

Question: Bangkok Is The Capital Of
Solution: Thailand

Question: Boy Who Refuses To Grow Created By JM Barrie
Solution: Peter pan

Question: Can Be Swayed
Solution: Rockable

Question: Canola Oil Comes From This Plant
Solution: Rapeseed

Question: Cobra Is A Common Name For Snakes With Hoods
Solution: Venomous

Question: English King Dubbed Lionheart
Solution: Richardi

Question: Fiber Crop That Is Extremely Healthy
Solution: Flaxseed

Question: Joe Guitar Player Teacher Of The Stars
Solution: Satriani

Question: Outdoor Slipper Made Of Soft Leather
Solution: Moccasin

Question: Period Of Grief Following Loss Of Loved One
Solution: Mourning

Question: Proclaiming Someones Guilt
Solution: Accusing

Question: Sales That Have Bidding
Solution: Auctions

Question: Somebody Who Is Wildly Irresponsible
Solution: Tearaway

Question: Transfer Something To Your Computer
Solution: Download

Question: Unfashionable Past Its Prime
Solution: Outdated

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