Codycross Circus Group 82 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: 2015 Ryan Reynolds Sci Fi Movie
Solution: Selfless

Question: Act Of Tossing Objects In A Synchronized Manner
Solution: Juggling

Question: Andy Samberg Stars In Nine Nine
Solution: Brooklyn

Question: Battle Won By Alexander The Great In The Punjab
Solution: Hydaspes

Question: Capital Of Hungary
Solution: Budapest

Question: Easily Deceived
Solution: Gullible

Question: Equivalency Sameness Parity
Solution: Equality

Question: In Greek Mythology The Part Bull Part Man Creature
Solution: Minotaur

Question: Inherited Disorder Resulting In Lack Of Melanin
Solution: Albinism

Question: Kind Hearts Are More Than
Solution: Coronets

Question: Laboratories Also Do This Besides Testing
Solution: Research

Question: Land Of Lincoln Obamas Adopted State
Solution: Illinois

Question: Large Pot For Making Stew Over Open Fires
Solution: Cauldron

Question: Most Contains Fish Scales
Solution: Lipstick

Question: Nut Loving Rodent With A Bushy Tail
Solution: Squirrel

Question: Othellos Motive For Killing His Love
Solution: Jealousy

Question: Swords Affixed To Guns
Solution: Bayonets

Question: The Loch Ness Monster Lives In A Lake
Solution: Scottish

Question: Man White Puffy Spokesman For A Tire Brand
Solution: Michelin

Question: Nose Also Called A Roman Nose
Solution: Aquiline

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