Codycross Circus Group 81 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: Australian Dogs Were Bred For Herding Cows
Solution: Cattle

Question: Cartoon Centered Around The Last Of The Airbenders
Solution: Avatar

Question: David Magician And Endurance Artist
Solution: Blaine

Question: Dutch Port And Colony In Brazil
Solution: Recife

Question: Happening In A Quick Manner Well Timed
Solution: Timely

Question: Italian Round Dough With Toppings Cut Into Slices
Solution: Pizzas

Question: Language Of Particular Profession Or Group
Solution: Jargon

Question: Lumps Pieces
Solution: Chunks

Question: Not Factual
Solution: Untrue

Question: Orchestra Staple A Classical Music Must
Solution: Violin

Question: Outline Plan For A Meeting To Be Voted On
Solution: Agenda

Question: Skin Of These Vegetables Is Boiled To Dye Eggs
Solution: Onions

Question: To Allocate Tasks Lessons Homework
Solution: Assign

Question: Too Little To Make Any Impact A Drop In The
Solution: Bucket

Question: What You Hit When You Want To Sleep Longer
Solution: Snooze

Question: And Ladders Aka Snakes And Ladders
Solution: Chutes

Question: Color Prismatic Effect Seen In Opals
Solution: Play of

Question: Pigeon Sporting Bird That Speeds Towards Home
Solution: Racing

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