Codycross Circus Group 81 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Conclusive Argument
Solution: Clincher

Question: A Water Chute Ride At An Amusement Park
Solution: Logflume

Question: Building In A Funfair Made To Startle Or Amuse
Solution: Funhouse

Question: Buried Explosive
Solution: Land mine

Question: Buzzy Insect Makes Sweet Stuff From Nectar
Solution: Honeybee

Question: Conical Headgear Worn At Birthday Celebrations
Solution: Party hat

Question: Countdown Device Related To Boiling And Cooking
Solution: Egg timer

Question: Descended Down A Cliff On A Rope
Solution: Abseiled

Question: Glossy Publication With Photos And Articles
Solution: Magazine

Question: Heavy Broad Bladed Knives Used By Butchers
Solution: Cleavers

Question: Icon Used As A Facial Expression
Solution: Emoticon

Question: Making Explosives Inactive
Solution: Defusing

Question: Occular Bruising
Solution: Black eye

Question: Publication With Photos And Stories
Solution: Magazine

Question: Right To Choose A Candidate In Politics
Solution: Suffrage

Question: Something That Establishes Or Serves As A Pattern
Solution: Template

Question: Surgical Removal Of Body Tissue
Solution: Ablation

Question: US Version Of This Holed Cheese Is Called Swiss
Solution: Emmental

Question: Unexpected Phonecall Or Visit By A Salesman
Solution: Cold call

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