Codycross Circus Group 100 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: Archeological Digger
Solution: Excavator

Question: Blowing Device Dries Follicles Post Shower
Solution: Hair dryer

Question: Dish Made Of Corn And Beans
Solution: Succotash

Question: Enthrall Someone Keep Them Entertained
Solution: Fascinate

Question: Gary Coopers Role About A Born Again Marksman
Solution: Alvin york

Question: Giant Slayed By Heracles In Greek Mythology
Solution: Alcyoneus

Question: Hermes Was The Of The Gods
Solution: Messenger

Question: Largest Church Buildings
Solution: Basilicas

Question: Malefiz Or Is A Descendant Of Pachisi
Solution: Barricade

Question: Misgiving Distrust Incertitude
Solution: Suspicion

Question: Misgiving Skepticism Distrust Incertitude
Solution: Suspicion

Question: One Who Spreads Malicious Rumors
Solution: Slanderer

Question: People Who Keep Machines Running
Solution: Mechanics

Question: Performance Made To Seem Ridiculous Not Serious
Solution: Burlesque

Question: Performer On A Trapeze Or Above The Ground
Solution: Aerialist

Question: Public Display Of Also Known As PDA
Solution: Affection

Question: Remaining Food That You Eat The Next Day
Solution: Leftovers

Question: Spinal Discomforts
Solution: Backaches

Question: State Show Venue Or A Childrens Den Home
Solution: Playhouse

Question: The One Who Wrote Decameron
Solution: Boccaccio

Question: Traditional Christmas Cake
Solution: Fruitcake

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