Codycross Circus Group 100 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Rich Brown Color Also A Dessert And Flavoring
Solution: Chocolate

Question: A Rich Brown Also A Dessert Cooking Ingredient
Solution: Chocolate

Question: Blossom Of The Hawthorn And Pilgrim Fathers Ship
Solution: Mayflower

Question: Character Based On Jazz Age Flapper
Solution: Betty boop

Question: Composed The Four Seasons Of Buenos Aires
Solution: Piazzolla

Question: Eclampsia Is Seizures During
Solution: Pregnancy

Question: Ranch That Is The Workplace Of George Lucas
Solution: Skywalker

Question: Redhead Primate Found In Asia
Solution: Orangutan

Question: Sandy Is A Short Version Of This Male Name
Solution: Alexander

Question: Seeing Is
Solution: Believing

Question: Study Tool Answers Questions On Different Sides
Solution: Flashcard

Question: TV Drama About Gladiators In Ancient Rome
Solution: Spartacus

Question: The Devil Is A Evil Entity
Solution: Religious

Question: The One Who Decides Where Tents Go In Circus
Solution: Layout man

Question: Tyler Durden Is The Main Character Of
Solution: Fight club

Question: Underwriters Evaluate Risk For This Industry
Solution: Insurance

Question: Uninterested Indifferent
Solution: Apathetic

Question: Using Both Eyes
Solution: Binocular

Question: Watching Carefully And Closely Studying
Solution: Like a hawk

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