Codycross Circus Group 100 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: 13 Drive Is A 1993 Board Game By Milton Bradley
Solution: Dead end

Question: Black Spot Is Native To The Orinoco River
Solution: Piranha

Question: Different
Solution: Unusual

Question: Geological Structure For Conducting Ground Water
Solution: Aquifer

Question: Giant Panda A Bear That Is Black And White
Solution: Chinese

Question: Glands In The Body That Produce Different Hormones
Solution: Adrenal

Question: Green Bay Play At Lambeau Field
Solution: Packers

Question: Legal Written Authorization To Search A Place
Solution: Warrant

Question: Memory Loss Caused By Brain Damage
Solution: Amnesia

Question: Muscular Security At A Nightclub
Solution: Bouncer

Question: Official Talk Required Of Nobel Winners
Solution: Lecture

Question: Once Largest Social Media Now Musician Platform
Solution: My space

Question: Safe Container For Firing Gun During A Play
Solution: Pyropot

Question: Sci Fi Film About Eternal Youth With Rock Hudson
Solution: Seconds

Question: Siddhartha The Buddha
Solution: Gautama

Question: Slang Term Used For Methamphetamine
Solution: Crystal

Question: Strong Cotton Cloth For Mattress Covering
Solution: Ticking

Question: Tea Juice Drink With Facts On Inside Of Cap
Solution: Snapple

Question: Chair Seat That Moves Backwards And Forwards
Solution: Rocking

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