Codycross Campsite Adventures Group 830 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Campsite Adventures

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Codycross Campsite Adventures Answers

Question: 1993 Sci Fi Comedy With Pointy Skulled Aliens
Solution: Coneheads

Question: An Italian Pasta Often Served With Meatballs
Solution: Spaghetti

Question: Belgian City Named After King Charles
Solution: Charleroi

Question: Clickable Text That Brings You To Another Website
Solution: Hyperlink

Question: Greater She Bear In The Sky
Solution: Ursa major

Question: Lizard That Changes Its Appearance By Its Mood
Solution: Chameleon

Question: Nerve Cell Branches Transmit Signals
Solution: Dendrites

Question: Nerve Cell Branches Which Transmit Synapses
Solution: Dendrites

Question: Simons Music Partner Until Troubled Waters
Solution: Garfunkel

Question: Studio 54 Was A Famous One In The 1970s
Solution: Nightclub

Question: Symbols Of St Patrick
Solution: Shamrocks

Question: Temporary Covering To Block Someones Sight
Solution: Blindfold

Question: The Moment Of Victory In Chess
Solution: Checkmate

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