Codycross Campsite Adventures Group 827 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Campsite Adventures

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Codycross Campsite Adventures Answers

Question: Basil The Great Mouse Detectives Sidekick
Solution: Dawson

Question: Gave Clues As To Something
Solution: Hinted

Question: Joints That Link Feet To Legs
Solution: Ankles

Question: Mouse Pointer Indicator On A Computer Screen
Solution: Cursor

Question: Musical A Line Focuses On Broadway Dancers
Solution: Chorus

Question: Outer Casing For Pies
Solution: Pastry

Question: Person Who Hangs Ten
Solution: Surfer

Question: Punta Della Gallery In Venice Customs Building
Solution: Dogana

Question: Solar Tech Lets People Capture This From The Sun
Solution: Energy

Question: Statue Near Cairo With Womans Head Lion Body
Solution: Sphinx

Question: City Oil Rich Capital With Same Name As State
Solution: Kuwait

Question: Quin Forms A Partnership With Satterthwaite
Solution: Harley

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